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It can be found here:

Necromancer - Completely reworked list

1. Willful Death
Willful Death needs modification to become a viable alternate ability. Currently, Necromancers are relied upon to survive raid wipes and act as backup puller. Willful Death promised to help in these realms. However, in its current state, giving the ability only a 25% chance to fire, it does not deliver.

Necromancers have seen an eroding in their niche as a pulling class steadily with the introduction of new expansions. Monks have a 100% chance to FD though a spell, if resisted, and a 50% chance if not. Bards have fade. Shadowknight’s- the Necromancers hybrid- have a heightened ability to survive due to their higher mitigation, AC, and HP. These constraints have placed Necromancers squarely at the bottom rung of the pulling ladder, through relatively little to no increase in pulling tools. Modification of this AA could change all that.

Necromancers should have the same chance or, at the very least, 100% if resisted and 0% if not. This will increase the Necromancer's chance of surviving a wipe and make them more effective pullers when a monk or bard is not available.

2. Channeling Mastery
Contrary to some notions, every Necromancer is damaged quite often, or subject to some form of stun (AE or physical damage). Due to our ability to tap back this damage, it is actually beneficial and helpful for the Necromancer to soak up some damage from time to time, alleviating traditional holy trinity constraints. Necromancers are relied upon to survive raid wipes, pull, and damage, and this ability would tremendously help in this regard.

Other intelligence casters received this AA while Necromancers did not. Like other intelligence casters, Necromancers have very poor defensive skills in the form of AC and Dodge. We need CM to increase the possibility of a successful Death Peace or timely lifetap against mobs that can easily one-round us. CM has the potential to be all intelligence casters' niche for survivability, in the same way a plate tank might consider AC to be their survivability mechanism.

3. Lowering of DoT resists
Necromancers are punished more relatively by high mob resists then any other class. Necromancers rely on stacking several DoT lines (poison, magic, fire, disease), and almost constant recasting of various spells within those lines.

High resists to one or multiple lines of spells in a single encounter regularly render us almost completely ineffective. In addition, the reliance we have on debuffs continually through long-term fights as well as multiple mob short fights, makes high to complete resists a familar sight to high end raiding Necromancers.

Increasing the following Damage Over Time spell resist modifiers in this manner would go a long ways towards mitigating this issue:

* Dread Pyre, Pyre of Mori, and Night Fire (-100 currently) to -200

* Corath Venom, Chaos Venom, and Blood of Thule (-50 currently) to -100

* Ancient: Curse of Mori, Dark Nightmare, and Horror (-30 currently) to -75

* Grip of Mori and Chaos Plague (-50 currently) to -150

* Desecrating Darkness and Embracing Darkness (-20 currently) to -50

Scaling might not be appropriate in lower level versions of these lines of spells, due to the concept of high resists only coming about in full force since PoP.

Disease also needs additional work. While it is our most efficient line theoretically, it is the most commonly resisted. Many NPC's in raiding and group content are entirely immune to this type of damage. Additionally the low damage return and lack of high end disease spells make these altogether undesirable.

Lifetap needs to be restored to the "lure" it once was with a resist check -300 or so, versus the -200 that Soulspike and Ancient Touch of Orshilak currently have. Many encounters in the game currently resist lifetap at an extreme rate (cleric 2.0 for example), making us incapable of even tapping in order to stay alive.

A resist ward might be a method to increase the rate at which our spells land, similar to the wizard's familar. Or, this resist ward like quality could simply be added to our current pet, adding to its limited desirability in raiding situations.

The addition of another debuff like we received in Omens of War would only exacerbate this problem, as this would take a spell slot away from the Necromancer that relies on stacking every dot conceivable as fast as possible on creatures to be effective.

4. Mind Wrack upgrade
The abundance of mind wrackable mobs in Omens of War and more recent expansions has finally made Necromancers desirable past our ability to damage in grouping situations. MW does not limit the Necromancer to merely providing mana to a group. It is fairly easy for a Necromancer to stack this spell along with their normal dot rotation, while receiving a minor penalty in mana by reallocation. A few changes to this ability and an upgrade that scales with current mana needs will allow this to continue and give us a niche in group and raid situations.

Instead of having this spell resisted some of the time, make it unresistible, or with a considerable resist check of -400 chromatic. This will help alleviate the issue of the twitching necromancer, due to the reliability of the MW landing. A MW upgrade will also allow for a phasing out of the twitch line of spells due to better mana returns.

A shared timer between MW and the twitch spells would also make it unlikely for Necromancers to be asked to twitch, though the option would still remain, an idea embraced by much of the community.

Some Necromancers have suggested a MGB form of this ability, allowing for a Necromancer form of MGB Paragon. This would especially help in lower tiered raid content where twitch remains important (but not necessary).

Moving MW along with our other short-term necromancer groups buffs to the bard box would help with the people that always have full buffs, and thus allow Necromancers to not have to spam the group asking for removal of excess buffs. This would also fit in with the ideal of the short-term bard box.

5. Pet haste increase, load time decrease, range of spell increase
The short duration of pet haste has taken a spell slot from the Necromancer due to its extremely short range, long load time, and low duration. Keeping pet haste on a pet even with duration worn foci is highly difficult, as Necromancers are one of the few classes that did not receive AA’s to increase the duration of beneficial buff casts.

A possible fix for this issue would be increasing the duration of this buff to over an hour, increasing the casting range of the spell to 100 or more, and lowering the loadtime to a few seconds. The recent extremely marginal increase of a few minutes was not enough, and not even noticeable. While this is under review, please include any changes to the mage pets as well- as they suffer with us on this narrow issue.

6. Lifeburn upgrade
Lifeburn remains a high-risk ability while the damage is minimal. Usage of this puts the Necromancer at 25% life, putting the necro in extreme danger of death by low-life aggro, add creatures in the event, or by Area of Effect spells if the timing is not precisely executed. The damage produced simply often does not coincide with the risk. While lifeburn has scaled in that it hasn't been hardcapped, it has not scaled significantly enough to reflect the dramatic increase in raid encounter's HP and increases in all classes dps.

* Halving the re-use timer of the Alternate Advancement Ability and allowing the ability to crit would increase the viability of the ability, through upgraded lifeburn tiers using essentially the same mechanic. This would also give a little more burst dps when possible, as this is the one area the Necromancer cannot currently deliver. One solution would be to tie criticals and worn focus effects to lifeburn, allowing lifeburn to scale as the player does.

* Alternatively, allow for a line of Alternate Advancement Points via several expansions that would scale lifeburn. This proposed version would be "capped" in that it could not crit and would be "use at your own peril."

Kunark: Lifeburn taking 3000hps, dealing 9000 damage

Planes of Power: Lifeburn taking 6000hps, dealing 18000 damage

Gates of Discord: Lifeburn taking 9000hps, dealing 27000 damage

Either of the proposed methods would ensure lifeburn becomes more competitive in high end situations, while keeping in tact its high-risk to use.

7. Pet changes (fix bugs, increase IQ, adjust for raid content)
Pets need a tweaking in many aspects, which is a shared item between classes. Here I will outline some of the universal and class specific issues the pet faces, and what is needed to fix the most basic issues with ownership. This is the critical doorway for making pets become more universal in use, instead of situational and rare in the raiding environment especially.

Interface Overhaul
All pet commands from prior expansions need to be added to the pet window. This is crucial for casters due to the fact that we are constantly casting something, and pet hotkeys manually made from the alternate advancement window are not usable during casting. The commands we would like to see added to the window are: suspend minion, replenish companion, pet hold, pet feign, and pet focus.

Simplify Pet Commands Via Triggerable Pet Hold Mode
Pet hold should be a triggerable "mode" instead of demanding a hotkey after every battle to ensure proper control. While on "hold" these pets shouldn't accrue an aggro list making spamming of "pet back off" hotkey necessary.

Adjustment For Raid Content
Pets need to be boosted in such a way to allow their use on raids without overpowering them for soloing or grouping content. Some mechanism or perhaps an AA needs to be developed to severely mitigate the effect of AE type effects on pets, otherwise they simply demand too much healing to be of use. A suggestion from the community has been 90% or more mitigation on these AE type of effects so long as the pet is not at the top of the aggro list. This wouldn't overpower our pets. Pets shouldn't be able to OT during raids, but they shouldn't be worthless on every fight with an AE, or AE rampage. This is literally the dramatic type of overhaul our pets would need to be viable in a raiding environment, as most any AE rampage or AE type spells since PoP have had the potential to one round our pets, and pet rune type spells simply don't protect the pet long enough to resolve this issue.

Intelligent Pets!
Make our rogue pets automatically attack their enemies from behind. Our best pet for several expansions has been a rogue type. If not placed precisely at the back of the creature, his damage is more then halved.

Necromancer Class Specific Issue- Pet Feign Alternate Advancement Ability Bug
The pet feign alternate advancement ability does not wipe an aggro list. The caster should receive a message after two minutes indicating that the pet no longer has aggro, similar to our own message.

8. Parity of DoT Crits
Just like Wizards happen to be specialists in, and undisputed masters of Direct Damage type spells, so do Necromancers feel that they should fill the same role for Damage over Time spells. Necromancers feel they should receive specialization in damage over time spells through an exlusive AA line, I.E. an Affliction Mastery of sorts allowing for a higher chance to crit relative to other classes. While other classes use dots on occasion, it remains the Necromancers sole occupation.

9. Cosmetic changes (different lich model, different pet, new horse)
While a new look does not add any help to our damaging bottom line, it sure adds a whole new level of enjoyment!

While liched, necromancers cannot receive illusions from clickies or from enchanters. This limits our ability to roleplay, as it is imperitive our class remains liched at all times, being we are balanced around that spell. The community would like at minimum to see a new lich that doesn't look like clicky items easilly obtainable by any player, or a lich that shows gear displayed anatomically correct over our bones. The most popular idea endorsed would be an "illusionless lich" with the exact same attributes as our current versions, allowing for us to change our look with the rest of the players.

With so many cool models spanning from PoP to DoDH, a new pet that looks representative of this amazing content would go a long way to rekindle our status as Masters of the Undead. A "monster summoning" type spell for undeads would be an amazing way to continue the incredible legacy of WTD. At minimum, finding a muzzle for our current spectre muzzle would win appreciation in many circles as it would allow many players to turn sound on once again.

Masters of the Undead should have downright scary minions they ride from place to place. A line of aa, or a quest involving the receiving of such a new mount would be fitting, and in this possibility it should be shared with other evil classes.

10. Screaming Terror Upgrade
A new mez spell will let us keep rare and vital group utility that we had with Screaming Terror. An upgraded version would not threaten game balance. Coded to work less reliably and for a shorter duration then the traditional mezmerize, it would help the necromancer step up when demanded or traditional CC not handy.

For example two versions could be implemented:

* Haunting Terror: Level 65 spell that works to level 68, with a modifier of -10, a recast time of 3seconds, 1% chance to memblur, and a duration of 5 ticks

* Night's Terror: Level 70 spell that works to level 73, with a modifier of -10, a recast time of 3seconds, 1% chance to memblur, and a duration of 5 ticks

This line should have new versions readilly available if/when the level cap is raised.

Kytherea ~~wielding a giant hammer & a hairless War Hamster~~

"I'm late, I'm late...."
In a few weeks we will re-visit the list somewhat. If some items need to be swapped, we will do so etc. The top ten list needs to remain current with the issues of the day, and it needs to remain flexible. During the last week of each month, we will begin the evaluation period of the current list. The first Friday of each new month is generally when the new list is due, so this will enable enough time to make these changes etc.

I have mixed feeling for looking at the new list so quickly again. However, if something incredibly important comes up between now and the last week of January, I want to have the freedom to be flexible with the list for the community. I'd rather give some of the newer items at least until March to get developer feedback etc (they will be extremely busy over the next few months with new expansion stuff), so these items get the chance they deserve. So we'll just have to see how the discussion goes, and move from there.

For more detailed information on how the top ten list will be lobbied for, see this thread:
I look forward to hearing your input about the new list, and seeing your support of your favorite items on it on various forums.[/url]
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