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Default Necro Gear, what should we be looking for?

Ultimately? Base stats, +hp, +mana, heroic int/sta, and clairvoyance. The hp/mana regen is nice, too.
The most important thing on gear, however, is the foci. Arms/Helm in the recent tiersets have the fire/magic foci, which is our primary source of damage endgame. The wrists have our poison, disease, corruption, and chromatic damage foci.
The only other major slot you need is an earring with EM on it. The higher the better.

Spell Damage mod2 only affects direct damage, which necros are so known for using.
Heal Amount mod2 does not affect our lifetaps.
Clairvoyance has a chance to return the face value in point-for-point mana upon spellcast. I am not sure what this chance is, however.
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